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I'm Songting, nice to meet you .

I am a user experience designer with a background in education.

Previously, as a teacher at Google Children's Center, I deepened my empathy and communication skills and pursued my passion for experience design and artistic creativity. These qualities have fostered my mutual learning experiences with other people.

Currently, I'm a product designer working in the field of blockchain and Web3 products. 

Songting's Profile Picture

During leisure time, I love...

guinea pig

Cuddling with my guinea pigs -- Coco and Nutnut


Doodling while listening to Zelda Music


My father helped plant that design seed in my heart.

It all started with my fascination with technology.


When I was just a little girl, I loved watching my father use CorelDraw and CAD to design DVD players. My curiosity peaked often, and I found myself always asking him why he did the things he did, what was the rationale, or what prompted him to make certain changes? What I did not realize was how my constant questioning and nagging was bothersome. My father never led on or expressed any displeasure and would always address my questions patiently and meticulously.


Over time I gradually understood that even a tiny change has big outcomes behind it. My father reinforced my fascination and helped plant that design seed in my heart.

He noticed my interest in design and then we established the "family design team". 🛠


Throughout the years, we designed a wooden house for my guinea pigs, logos for the students association, and our dream garden.

Logo Design for USD CSSA

The logo design for the Chinese Students and Scholars Association back in 2014.

My journey in my UX design career has been all but a direct flight, but those meaningful steps and challenges have molded me into the person I am today. ✈️

4 years into my teaching career

When I first enrolled in university I was drawn in a new direction towards education, and I found myself gravitating towards human psychology, human stimuli, and behavioral elements. Upon chance, I was fortunate to be able to find work in a pre-school after graduation. I was able to build rapport with students and parents, designed activities to engage students in learning, and reflected on the curriculum areas that did not go well.


Although I achieved many accomplishments while teaching for four years, my love for technology never waned, and I constantly sought something bigger. Outside of being a teacher, what else was I capable of? Was there something more fulfilling I had to pursue?

My handmade storybook "Not Just a PomPom"

Aha! Moment

A parent who is a UX designer at Google noticed the newsletters I designed and the art activities I conducted with her child. She was quite impressed by how I bridge her child's interests to different kinds of art forms. She asked if I had ever thought about being a UX designer. 


The chat sparked my curiosity. I further researched the role of a UX designer and dived deeper into online learning resources. My mind kept echoing:


Combining my passion for technology and melding it with my teaching experience completed the puzzle!

Taking a plunge into design 

Making a career change takes commitment. I enrolled in Bloc's design program for one year, and then I'm still learning and engaging in UX events. 

UX design is the perfect cohesion of my passion for technology and my experience with people. That human interaction and that vulnerable part of the design—that is what I love about UX.

A lifelong learner

UX design is constantly being reshaped as new technologies and methodologies are introduced. I enjoy exploring new tools, resources, and skills to stay on top of current trends.

My goal is to be a creative problem solver, who will not only advocate for users but will also bring clarity to the larger picture on why products are made the way they are and guide my clients and companies in a thoughtful direction.

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